Apsara Detail

Apsara Detail

Stone Carving of Orissa

India has a vast variety of different stones. In Orissa, for example you find Khandolite, Khadipathara (a greenish chlorite) or black Granite, materials, which had been used in numerous ancient temples. The Sun Temple of Puri , the famous Konark Temple is a good example of the incredible skillful artwork that is still applied today in Orissa.

The artisans memorizing their motives from the temples nearby, producing replicas of the many Indian Gods like Krishna , Laxshmi, Vishnu, Durga, Ganesha only to name a few, which are beautifully carved in the traditional way, using simple tools like hammer and chisels of different shapes and sizes.

The disciplined effort of many generations handing down this artisanship is revealed in beautiful unique works of art, which are available through us.
No piece is alike, they are exceptional single masterpieces delivered to your doorstep.

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