Pashminas and Silks

Dedicated to promote Indian handicraft I offer exquisitely hand-woven shawls and fabrics in pure Silk, Cashmere, Wool and Cotton.
The pashmina color chart will help you to decide on the colors you would like to order.
If you like to know more about quality and prices please contact us.
Most of our Silk, Cotton and Wool fabrics are from skilled handloom weavers in India.


Silk has, for centuries, been inextricably intertwined with the life and culture of the India.

The artistic and aesthetic sense of the Indian weaver lies in the their mastery over the creation of floral designs, beautiful texture, fine geometry and durability of such work.

LOULISA EAST MEETS WEST adheres to the principles of FAIRTRADE in the manufacturing process. No child labour is involved and utmost care is taken to make a green product.

LOULISA EAST MEETS WEST shows greatest respect to the weaving  tradition supporting handloom and old traditional handcrafts which are being threatened to be overrun by mass production.

LOULISA brings contemporary designs for modern women and homes, using different silks and wools. The weavers work on handlooms, so that the product you buy is uniquely different in origin and appearance and it complements your sense of aesthetics and social conscience.

Products from LOULISA are the expression of simplicity, purity and natural values; we address all those who understand the meaning of true style… a style that marries ethics, aesthetics and quality and simplicity combined with understated elegance.