My passion for hand-chiseled stone sculptures started when I was living in India, Calcutta, and regularly visited a small village on the east coast of Orissa. Here I made my first contact with the art of creating beautiful hand chiseled Stone Sculptures.

Located in the tranquil and remote area under palm trees live some artisans, who transform a natural rough and hard stone into individual masterpieces. The lush forest area was filled with Apsaras, Ganeshas, Buddhas in different mudras or fantasy sculptures originating from Indias rich mythology and religious expression. On returning to South Africa and visiting Europe I noticed that with the advent of the new spirituality and especially Buddhist philosophy and teachings, one could find Buddhas every-where to buy, but helas! There was no vibe in their expression.

Most of the Buddha statues or Hindu Gods were cement castings with no energy on their own or machine treated figures, most from soft lava stone.

The display of those Buddha sculptures sitting in shelves in big department stores all with the same expression made me sad in a way… I decided to introduce unique and traditionally hand made Indian sculptures to South Africa.

All our imported sculptures are made from Khandolite Stone, a hard, reddisch stone with individual veining, quarried in Orissa…Some of them also made from a Marble Stone from Rajastan or other states of India.
Each Artisan works on his own piece of stone with love and care and simple tools, no drawing or plan will guide him. He only follows his imagination and the traditional forms of expression.

The Buddha Sculpture receives an energy which will fill your home or garden with special vibes and an expression of love and care. Something which Buddha himself was passionate about.

To own a Buddha means to support the values of peace and love. Decorating your house or garden he will remind you with his presence of what life is all about: loving Kindness, Compassion and Wisdom towards yourself and others.


Where the Language of Stone defeats the Language of man
The pieces you find in our catalogue are individual works of art expressively realised by talented artisans through the medium of a unique stone with an energy all of its own.
The photographs shown on this website of Buddhas and other sculptures exemplify the artwork which are offered both from our collection on hand and made to order
They are the timeless reflection of a glorious and ongoing tradition, an unfinished story in stone.
Each piece is hand-carved with love and care by skilled artisans from a hard, marbled sandstone found in the State of Orissa.
The artisans receive their skills in a direct tradition handed down from their forefathers’ .The tools they use are few and simple and consist mainly of hammers and chisels of various shapes and sizes.
Working alone on each piece gives each sculpture a special vibration and will always be a unique masterpiece. These artists, descendants of the artisans who built such magnificient temples as Konarak and Jagannath Temples, have kept alive the sculptural traditions of their forefathers.
Their deft hands chisel and carve living mirrors of the original temple sculptures as well as create a numerous other conceptions.
These sculptures are a far cry from the mass-imported Buddhas, Gods and other items, that are turned out by the thousand in cement casts or machine-turned stone, mere soulless ornaments.
Mute stones are transfered into living expressions, the testimony of which are found on the walls of the Konark temples. The craftsmen, descendants of the rich heritage continue the age-old tradition
even today.
The pieces you find in our catalogue are individual works of art expressively realised by talented artisans through the medium of a unique stone with an energy all of its own