About Indian Stone Sculpture



India is truly a treasure house of sculptural art.

Spread throughout its length and breadth are memorials of carved temples, stunningly intricate designs , and other sculptural artifacts.

Stone craft in India has been in existence for a very long time. From ancient times to the present, this craft has traveled a long distance. In its course it developed many styles as the Maurya, The Gandhara, the Mogul and many more.

The artisans of Orissa , especially Puri are under the most accomlpished of their trade. In fact they are Artists themselves , giving each stone life energy and a special vibe in expressing their love to indian sculpturing, indian history, mythology and religion.
They are proud not to use any machines , any other tools than centuries back ,namely hammer and chisel.

Many of the religious statues like Ganesh ( remover of obstacles ), Krishna(source of all pleasure), ,Durga ( female power ) , Saraswati ( goddess of knowledge), Lakshmi ( goddess of wealth ) Apsaras ( Temple dancers ) Shiva (the transformer , destroyer ) Brahma ( the creator ) Vishnu ( the presever ), are replicas of the Konark Temple , one of the sacred places of India situated near Puri. The stone artisans draw much of their inspiration from these monuments and statues. Most of the statues in the state of Orissa show similarity in form and details to the sculptures of the Jagannath Temple at Puri and Konark Temple .

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