The Loulisa Shop at the Cape Quarter

Loulisa East meets West – Square Level (Restaurant Level), New Cape Quarter – 27 Sommerset Rd – Greenpoint – Cape Town. (10 mins away from Green Point Stadium)
Opening hours daily from 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm Saturday and 10am – 2pm Sundays

Loulisa East Meets West

In our shop Loulisa you will find an elegant selection of hand-woven Cashmere Silk Wools, exquisite shawls, throws, home wear, handbags, embroidered silk tops and some select pieces of gemstone jewelry.

Need a matching color stole, shawl or scarf for your outfit? We have it …. and if not we will get it for you!

Cape Quarter Lifestyle shopping mall
in Green Point, Cape Town offers an alternative shopping experience to Capetonians and those visiting the Mother City on Holiday or for the discerning buyer of exclusive items.

We accept PayPal as a form of payment . Please feel free to contact us with regards to payment of any of our Buddha sculptures or pashminas or art works.